Decision aids

Here, you will find a collection of decision aids in German and English.

There are several factors that should be taken into account when using decision aids: Click here.


Decision aids in English:

There are several sites that provide decision aids for further illnesses and decisions:


Decision aids in German:

Breast cancer:

Breast-preserving therapy or breast removal

Breast cancer early detection /screening:

Breast cancer early detection

Information on early detection examination with mammography

Colorectal cancer early detection /screening:

Decision aid colorectal cancer


Therapy for dementia (dementia guidelines)


Psychenet decision aid depression

Cervical cancer early detection /screening:

The HPV vaccination: Should my daughter get herself vaccinated? Should I be vaccinated?

Decision aid | HPV vaccination

Decision aid | Cervical cancer | HPV

Cardiovascular diseases:

Absolute and Relative Risk Reduction: Individual Counselling in General Practice (for physicians and patients together)

IGel guide:

IGeL Monitor [Individual health services not covered by health insurance] 

Evaluating IGeL based on scientific knowledge


Understanding osteoporosis – preventing bone fractures

Prostate cancer early detection/screening:

PSA test – Does it make sense? A personal decision aid

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