SDM-Q-9 / SDM-Q-Doc

The 9-item Shared Decision Making Questionnaire

The 9-item Shared Decision Making Questionnaire was developed in a theory-driven manner and measures the extent to which patients are involved in the process of decision-making from the perspective of the patient (patient version SDM-Q-9) and from the perspective of the physician (physician version SDM-Q-Doc). The measure was developed for use in research and clinical practice. Both versions can equally be implemented for purposes of evaluation and quality improvement in health care. The measures should only be applied in the case of preference-sensitive decisions – i.e. when there are several treatment options for a particular disease

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Translations, downloads and publications

The 9-item Shared Decision Making Questionnaire is available in a range of different languages (see table with downloadable files and links to publications). If you are looking for a language version that is not listed in the table, please  and we can guide you through our official translation procedure.

Download Publications
Arabic SDM-Q-9 Arabic
Czech SDM-Q-9 Czech
Danish SDM-Q-9: translation in progress
SDM-Q-Doc: translation in progress

Dutch SDM-Q-9 Dutch
SDM-Q-Doc Dutch
Rodenburg-Vandenbussche, et al., 2015
English SDM-Q-9 English
SDM-Q-Doc English

English -
for pediatric nursing setting
PSDM-Q-NUR English

Filipino SDM-Q-9: translation in progress
French SDM-Q-9 French
German SDM-Q-9 German
SDM-Q-Doc German
Scholl et al., 2011

Scholl et al, 2015
Kriston et al., 2012
Scholl et al., 2012
Kriston et al., 2010
Greek SDM-Q-9 greek
SDM-Q-Doc greek

Hebrew SDM-Q-9 Hebrew
SDM-Q-Doc Hebrew
Zisman-Ilani et al., 2016
Italian SDM-Q-9 Italian
Japanese SDM-Q-9 Japanese
SDM-Q-Doc Japanese

Korean SDM-Q-9 Korean
SDM-Q-Doc Korean

Mandarin-Chinese SDM-Q-9 Mandarin-Chinese
SDM-Q-Doc Mandarin-Chinese

Malay SDM-Q-9 Malay
SDM-Q-Doc Malay

Norwegian SDM-Q-9 Norwegian
SDM-Q-Doc Norwegian

Persian SDM-Q-Doc Persian Ebrahimi et al., 2014
Portuguese SDM-Q-9 Portuguese
SDM-Q-Doc: translation in progress

Romanian SDM-Q-9 Romanian
SDM-Q-Doc Romanian

Slovakian SDM-Q-9: Slovakian
Spanish SDM-Q-9 Spanish
SDM-Q-Doc Spanish
Alvarez et al., 2016
De Las Cuevas et al., 2015
De Las Cuevas et al., 2013
Thai SDM-Q-9: translation in progress
Turkish SDM-Q-9: translation in progress
SDM-Q-Doc Turkish

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